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How to Light Up a Room: 55 Techniques to Help You Increase Your Charisma, Build Rapport, and Make People Like You

“While charisma is a gift, it’s a gift we all possess. Some of us have just learned how to unwrap it.”
You can learn to amplify your charisma. All you need are certain techniques to help you uncover, develop, and expand it. When you do, people whom you meet will listen to you, like you, and remember you. You will create instant rapport. You will exert more influence and power.
How to Light Up a Room: 55 Techniques to Help you Increase Your Charisma, Build Rapport, and Make People Like You delivers concrete, real-world strategies you can start working on today to help you increase your likeability and charm, establish rapport quickly and easily, and make more friends.
You’ll learn:
* The one thing charisma experts agree you must have before anything else.
* How to radiate (or “beam”) certain forms of energy.
* Exactly what to do to stop criticizing others (and what to do instead).
* Two words to always avoid, in any conversation.
* What to do instead of trying to impress people. (It works faster and is much, much easier.)
* A simple trick that will help you establish instant rapport, anywhere.
* What the most likeable people know about getting along with others.
* The social turnoffs you have to squash if you want to maximize your charisma.
* How to be the most enthusiastic, magnetic, charming you possible.
Charismatic, charming people are better liked, make more friends, have more fun, get more dates, forge stronger emotional connections, harness greater personal and professional power, and, due in part to their fine leadership skills and influence, tend to make more money, too.
This book breaks down exactly what it is they are doing, so you can learn to do it, too.
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How to Talk to People: The Shy Person's Guide to Confident Conversation

How to Talk to People: The Shy Person’s Guide to Confident Conversation
Do you ever feel tongue-tied and shy when meeting new groups of people? Do you wish you had a cheat sheet of things to say and questions to ask?
How to Talk to People: The Shy Person’s Guide to Confident Conversation delivers real advice from a former shy girl who has learned the hard way what really works to start and maintain confident, meaningful conversations.
You’ll learn:
* The step-by-step technique that works for starting confident conversations in your personal and professional life.
* Exactly how to keep a good conversation flowing.
* A simple trick that can turn the tables on shyness and leave you feeling more courageous, instantly.
* The one question you can always ask to create a more meaningful conversation.
* The easiest way to get unstuck from a conversation when you don’t know what to say next.
* How to elevate a conversation from simple small talk to a more meaningful discussion that you’ll all remember.
* What to do when a conversation starts to die.
* “The Five Reach Out Rule” and how it can help you create more meaningful friendships and a happier life.
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How to Be Irresistible: 30 Secrets the Sexiest, Most Captivating Women Know About Flirting, Dating, and Driving Men Wild
“You can be the sexiest woman in the room. All you need are a few secrets.”
Sexiness has less to do with physical appearance than you might think.  The truth is, anyone can learn to be alluring and irresistible. All you need are these 30 secrets–secrets the sexiest, most captivating women know about how to move, flirt, kiss, and communicate.
How to Be Irresistible is an inexpensive, concise book that delivers concrete, real-world strategies you can start working on today to help you amplify your sexual energy and radiance.
You’ll learn:

  • A head-to-toe guide to maximizing your sex appeal.
  • Exactly how to flirt (better than anyone else in the room).
  • How to conjure and send sexy vibes and positive sexual energy.
  • Tips for finding your ideal guy–and exactly how to get his attention.
  • What to say and do on your date to leave him longing for more.
  • A step-by-step guide to delivering an unforgettable kiss.
  • How to drive him wild once your relationship has advanced to the bedroom.
  • Two things that act as Kryptonite for budding romances and how to ward off their devastating effects.
  • Exactly what to do if your man starts to pull away.
  • How to sustain the fun, adventure, and fulfillment over the long term.
    Test-drive these tips and you could be a completely different woman by this weekend.

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How to Be Happier Right Now: 48 Fast-Acting Human Happiness Hacks
Don’t believe people who say happiness is determined solely by genetics or life experiences. Sure, we all have a general happiness set point, but there are scientifically proven, effective strategies we can employ to improve our levels of happiness, in the moment.
Not just another happiness book, How to Be Happier Right Now is the result of Kate Kennedy’s personal mission to hack human happiness. It features the fastest-acting strategies from the best happiness gurus, coaches and researchers, combines them with personal experience, and presents them in easily digestible nuggets so you can start using them today–right now–to increase your happiness levels and live with more joy. It is a checklist of what really works, so you can refer to it quickly, easily, and when you need it.
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The Fun Life Manifesto: 7 Things No One Ever Told You About Lightening Up and Enjoying Yourself, Today and Every Day
“You were born to live a magical, merry, breathtaking, spine-tingling, fun-filled life. You were born to crack open your day-to-day and live from the chewy, gooey center–one of beauty, happiness, love and laughter.”
If this isn’t how your life looks, you might not be doing it right.
This book is a manifesto for having more fun in your life. It will show you exactly how you can scratch the surface of your being, to live with more fun, passion and intensity each day. It will help you unearth and tease out the fun and spirited you who may have been sleeping and to help this person–this real you, who is joyful and happy and free–to come out and play, today and every day.
This compact little book is designed to help you:

  • Oust the flatness of boredom and ennui.
  • Experience a renewed sense of vitality and enthusiasm.
  • Be more free-spirited, fun, and even funny.
  • Live with a greater sense of purpose, all while enjoying your life more than you ever have before.

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How to Lose Weight Without Trying: The Easy Way to Get Lean, Strong, and Healthy Without Obsessing or Suffering
Life is too short to obsess over food. It’s also too short to not have the body you’ve always wanted.
You have the power to lose weight. You have the power to create a strong, lean body and to curb your food cravings. And you can do it all without letting the consumption of food consume you.
How to Lose Weight Without Trying delivers concrete and effective, simple yet revolutionary strategies to help you get the body you’ve always wanted–without obsessing or suffering.
What you will be learning on these pages is not a diet but a new way of life. A life that will leave you feeling healthier, sexier, and more energized.
You will learn:
* The cornerstone of healthy weight loss. (It’s not what you think.)
* Exactly how to exercise for maximum fat loss, strength and endurance.
* Easy tricks to get you motivated to work out.
* Exactly how many calories you need to lose weight.
* Eight secrets for natural, simple weight loss.
* The dieter’s superfood that can change your life (in just 4 tablespoons a day).
Your journey to weight loss–without pain, struggle, obsession, or suffering–begins right now.
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How to Make Your Brain Work Better: Highly Effective, Natural Ways to Think Better, Process Faster, and Remember More
“Easy Ways to Make Your Brain Work Better”
Do you feel scattered and unfocused–as though your mind isn’t as sharp as it used to be?
Do you wish there were an easy way to lift brain fog and improve your memory?
How to Make Your Brain Work Better delivers highly-effective and easy-to-implement techniques for thinking more quickly and clearly as well as for improving your brain health and your memory, even as you age.
This inexpensive little book is a concise manual for brain fitness. You’ll learn everything you need for a mind makeover, including:

  • The one change you can make today that will result in the biggest change in the health of your brain.
  • Dietary tricks and natural supplements that promote a healthy brain, now and in the future.
  • How to put brainwave entrainment technology to work for you.
  • Highly practical tips for reducing absentmindedness and brain fog.
  • Exercises in brain plasticity, including Neurobics, and other brain games that don’t cost a dime.
  • Insight into the art of complex problem solving, including critical thinking and creativity.
  • A crash course in speed reading and retention. (It’s easier than you might think.)
  • Highly practical methods for improving your memory.
  • Tools and techniques for holding on to personal memories, so you remember more of your life experiences.
  • Tips for using your subconscious for personal gain.

Start using the tools in this book today to help you think better, faster, and with more clarity.
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The Hot and Happy Mom: A Busy Mama’s Handbook for Staying Fit, Sexy, and Energized
Do You Feel Gorgeous, Youthful and Sexy, or Do You Feel Like a Mom?
Do you ever feel like a special part of you has slipped away, even during this amazing time of your life? Do you wish you could amplify your mama mojo, and live happier and healthier, even though you don’t have much time for yourself?
If you know a few secrets, you can fit in all of the things you need to be the happiest–and hottest–mom you can be, in under an hour a day.
In The Hot and Happy Mom: A Busy Mama’s Handbook for Staying Fit, Sexy, and Energized, you’ll discover fast, step-by-step strategies written just for busy moms.
You’ll learn:
* Three things you can start doing now that will ensure a more energetic afternoon.
* What you really need to do to get strong, fit and sexy.
* Tips for controlling anxiety and staying calm.
* Exactly what to eat, when, to maximize your energy levels throughout the day.
* The hardest word for a mom to say, and how to say it.
* What to do to boost your sex drive and strengthen intimacy.
* A simple way to discover more joy in your day.
* Strategies for savoring the “everydayness.”
* Tips for harnessing a calm, peaceful form of energy.
* What to do when you’re feeling burned out.
The Hot and Happy Mom also features:
* Motivational quotes, practical “Try This” tips and “Action Steps” throughout the text.
* Two 21 Day Challenges: “Make Over Your Body” and “Make Over Your Mind”, each designed to help you implement the ideas in the book.
* A downloadable energy worksheet to keep you on track.
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How to Make More Time in Your Day: 7 Steps to Streamlining Your Day, Reducing Your Commitments, and Doing More of What You Love

“Do you need more hours in your day? Are you tired of feeling frazzled and rushed?”
How to Make More Time in Your Day delivers a powerful 7-step system you can start using today to get more done in less time, all while maintaining a sense of peace and calm.
This inexpensive little book delivers concrete, easy-to-implement strategies, including:

  • A streamlined daily system to help you eliminate wasted time.
  • How to build smarter to-do lists.
  • One simple change in the way you set deadlines that can dramatically increase your performance.
  • Better ways to say “no.”
  • Five sneaky techniques people use to trick you into saying yes, and how to never fall for them.
  • Technology hacks you can use to stop information overload.
  • Proven ways to shorten meetings and make them more efficient.
  • Eight secrets for overcoming procrastination and getting things done.
  • Ways to induce a state of “flow,” that calm state of consciousness in which you experience optimum creativity and productivity.
  • Motivating mind tricks to make you more productive than ever before.

Test-drive Amy Marlowe Hart’s techniques and you’ll soon be feeling more calm, relaxed, energized, and productive.

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