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“This book is something I can re-read over and over again and learn something new each time. An absolutely great read!”

“This was clear and concise. It was an excellent reminder of how to be in the moment and get the most from your daily interactions.”

“I borrowed this title on Amazon Prime with the idea of picking up a few tips to increase likeability or ease social situations, but I was struck while reading it how many of her techniques really come down to being a considerate, thoughtful human being: things like listening without interrupting and making people feel valued and important, helping to make people comfortable. Each one is presented with the reader’s goal in mind, of course (I do this so that other people will like me, etc.), but I think a lot of Kennedy’s method is really worth practicing just as a decent person who cares about others. Excellent short read.”

“This book was straight forward and to the point.The tips are realistic and just trying one or two can make a difference in social situations. I usually do not have problems socializing but I found some tips I never thought of before that could improve my people skills.”

“I would recommend reading this book to introverts as well as extroverts. That’s because it’s important to understand introverted people without judging them. The book is full of useful tips and really resonates with many things I had to find out on my own. It shows a very caring and understanding attitude towards who introverts are and why they act a certain way and provides everyday tips to really claim your power as an introvert!”

This book is wonderful! I wish I could have read it years ago & highly recommend it. Thank you for truthful insight & for a wonderful book. I couldn’t stop reading it once I started & could relate to what the author said. Thanks again!

  • Life Changing…
  • Easy to follow, good reminders
  • Guide to Being a Good Human Being
  • Great Book!
  • Wonderful book, full of great tips
  • This book is wonderful!